Thursday night’s Los Angeles Film Festival screening of “Celeste and Jesse” had stars and co-writers Will McCormack and Rashida Jones in a reflective mood.

“We went together for a very intense three weeks in 1990s before we broke up,” McCormack said at the after-party at FigOly at the Luxe Hotel. “We became pretty good writing partners and spent a lot of time writing together in coffee shops before we finally got the idea four years ago.”

Sony Classics-distribbed “Celeste and Jesse,” which debuted at Sundance, stars Jones and Andy Samberg as a married couple who separate but remain best friends.

“We noticed that there was a lot of that going on among our friends, where you want to hang on to what you know,” Jones said.

Helmer Lee Toland Krieger, who shot most of the $850,000 film in L.A. last year, remembered hustling during the production.

“I only had 22 days in L.A.,” he said. “We wanted to shoot at Rashida’s place in West Hollywood but there were a lot of restrictions, so we wound up in Hancock Park instead.”

Quincy Jones was bursting with pride over his daughter. “I’ve seen the film eight times,” he declared.