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Friends with funds

Celebs come out for the Hilarity for Charity event

Seth Rogen spent most of Friday night on Vibiana’s back balcony with mic in hand, overseeing the Hilarity for Charity event, while Ty Burrell, Paul Rudd and David Krumholtz went through various stages of a co-hosting love triangle, complete with a liplock between Burrell and Rudd.

“I did not trust each of your abilities to host individually, but together I think you make one excellent host,” Rogen said.

Krumholtz quipped, “Don’t you see, man. Billy Crystal’s going to croak. There will be a giant Billy Crystal-shaped void in the universe, one that I intend to fill.”

On Saturday, the Hollywood fund-raiser circuit traveled to Hotel Montage. “I would like to call this meeting of the 1% to order. Are you ready to redistribute some wealth?” emcee Bill Maher asked the Cinema for Peace crowd, there to support Sean Penn and his Haitian relief agency J/P HRO.

Oprah Winfrey, speaking via video, promised to match $2.5 million, pushing the final take to $5 million. Penn joked that the aid org would now be called J/R HROprah.