For Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde, the below-freezing temps while shooting Magnolia’s “Deadfall” were just part of the gig.

The pair showed up to support the pic’s Arclight preem Thursday, along with fellow thesps Charlie Hunnam and Kate Mara, director Stefan Ruzowitzky and plenty of below-the-line talent.

Over at the Redbury afterparty, Bana said he backed the filmmakers’ decision to shoot on location in Montreal. “I’d rather freeze my tits off on a production that goes through the trouble of shooting in the snow, rather than being cozy and warm in the studio with fake snow,” he said.

Wilde recalled how she initially was attracted to the project because of Ruzowitzky and Zach Dean’s script, despite its obvious frigid warning.

“I should know that when I read a script and it says it’s set in a freezing cold landscape that it’s going to be freezing cold and snowing,” Wilde said. “But you forget.”