Twentieth Century Fox’s first Chilean release, “Stefan v/s Kramer,” is shattering local box office records.

“We released it like a blockbuster in early August, with five different trailers and three ad campaigns starting a year in advance,” said Hernan Viviano, general manager of joint venture distrib Fox Warner Chile. Comedy, which Fox boarded at script stage, was placed in 120 of Chile’s 300 screens, unprecedented for a local pic.

The film ranks second on Chile’s all-time top grossing box office chart, after “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” trumping “Avatar” and “Titanic.” Its 1.8 million admissions double that of the last local top hit, “Sexo con amor,” which UIP released in 2003.

“Stefan v/s Kramer” tracks Stefan Kramer, Chile’s popular comedian-mimic known for his impersonations of politicians, athletes, TV personalities, sportscasters and other well-known celebrities. Kramer plays himself in a fiction-reality setting where his impersonation of Chilean president Sebastian Pinera lands him in hot water.

The $2 million pic was co-helmed by Kramer, exec producer Sebastian Freund and Lalo Prieto.

“This is going to be the first of many, perhaps it will become a franchise,” said Viviano, who admits that the humor is decidedly local. Future editions will broaden their appeal for international distribution.

Freund is exploring a co-production with Fox in L.A. for the sequel.