First in line at ADG fete

Directors Guild Awards took place Saturday night

Host Paula Poundstone didn’t shy away from ribbing org members at the Art Directors Guild Awards on Saturday night.

“Do a lot of you have OCD?” Poundstone asked from the BevHilton stage. “It’s got to be hell for you people. It’s no wonder you feel like crying in the mud with a priest. … If the other people on the projects knew how you were feeling, you might get some of that support that you’re looking for. Maybe first in line at craft services.”

Poundstone did say that art directors were a better-looking crowd than actors. “I think many of them have had some work done. A lot of them look like giant birds flying into a really strong wind,” she said.

Ed Asner shot back, commenting on Poundstone’s white tail and sequin tuxedo. “When Paula first came out, I thought I was back in the Cotton Club,” Asner joked.

Tony Walton accepted his ADG lifetime achievement award. The honor included video congratulations from Julie Andrews or, as Walton described her, “Our ex, as my wife refers to Julie.”