MOSCOW — The Finnish Film Foundation has appointed two commissioners to administer the country’s production grants.

Director-producer Hannu Tuomainen and Marjo Valve, chair of the National Council for Cinema, succeed Jukka Asikainen and Kaisu Isto, whose five-year terms end in December.

Tuomainen will have special responsibility for supporting international minority co-productions. His production credits include “Niko Niko & the Way to the Stars,” “One-Way Ticket to Mombasa” and “Tommy and the Wildcat.”

Valve comes to the foundation from the North Karelia U. of Applied Sciences, where she has worked in the Center for Creative Industries. She has industry experience as a production manager, scriptwriter and director.

Finnish films have sold more than 1.7 million tickets in the first nine months of the year, 29% of the 6.1 million total and the best result in 12 years, the foundation said. Cinema attendance for the first nine months was up 13% year on year.

In the most recent funding round in September, the foundation handed out $4.2 million to support 15 productions.