MOSCOW — Finland’s box office is on the rise with latest figures showing admissions up 14% since the beginning of the year compared with the same period in 2011.

Local-language films attracted 37% of admissions, with 1.3 million tickets, equivalent to around $16.9 million, in a country where average cinema tickets cost $13.

The total number of tickets sold was 3.5 million ($45.5 million), the Finnish Film Foundation said Monday.

Top local-language film was “Ricky Rapper and Cool Wndy” with 291,000 admissions ($3.8 million); top international pic was “The Hunger Games” with 182,000 admissions ($2.4 million).

Nazis on the moon sci-fi send up “Iron Sky” by Finland’s Timo Vuorensola clocked 176,000 admissions ($2.3 million).