MOSCOW — Finland’s audio-visual industry promo org Favex is opening offices in New York and Moscow to expand business opportunities for local producers, game-developers and special-effects specialists. — The decision by Favex, which is backed by the ministries of culture and commerce among others, reflects an increasing confidence in Finland’s industry.

The worldwide success of Helsinki-based Rovio’s “Angry Birds” game, which has branched out into short TV clips and plans for a movie, and films such as Nazis-on-the-Moon spoof “Iron Sky” and Santa Claus caper “Rare Exports” have put Finnish talent in the spotlight.

“There is a clear opportunity now to increase attention on Finnish creativity internationally,” said Favex CEO Petra Theman. “We’ve identified Moscow and New York as key markets.”

Russian-born Anna Morozova, who worked in strategic financial consultancy in Baltimore, will represent Favex in Moscow. Morozova started work Oct. 1 in an office at Finpro, the commercial wing of the Finnish embassy in Moscow.

A New York office will open in January headed by Atte Laurila, who has wide experience in marketing Finnish movies, including “Lapland Odyssey.”