Jaume Balaguero and Alberto Marini, co-director and exec producer of cult zombie franchise “REC,” are reteaming on “Summer Camp,” another “infection” genre movie.

Set to shoot in English, “Camp” will mark Marini’s directorial debut; Balaguero will exec produce, a new role for the director of “Darkness” and, with Paco Plaza, the “REC” saga. As on “REC,” Filmax Intl. will handle international sales.

Castelao Pictures and Rebelion Terrestre, Marini’s label, will co-produce.

Plot is under wraps but Marini commented: “There’s a game common to the majority of kids around the world, both in and out of summer camps: “Tag, you are it”…. The fun of the game is that the roles are constantly changing: The pursuer becomes the pursued, the cat becomes the mouse.

He added: “We wanted to capture this idea in a horror-filled, adrenaline-pumped movie…. A film in which you’re never sure who your friends or who your enemies are, a game you’d never wish to be part of and where, sometimes, in order to escape the only option is to attack.”

From a screenplay by Marini and Danielle Schleif, “Summer Camp” will go into production in the second half of 2013.

It brings together two key movers on Barcelona’s genre scene: Balaguero’s 1999 debut, “The Nameless,” helped to launch Filmax’s Fantastic Factory.

As Filmax head of international production, Marini steered the “REC” saga production. Marini wrote and exec-produced Balaguero’s latest film, “Sleep Tight,” and is a producer on Alex and David Pastor’s “Last Days,” now in post-production.