David Fenkel, co-founder of Oscilloscope Laboratories, is stepping down as president of the four-year-old company and will move into a consulting role, while Dan Berger and David Laub have been promoted to cooperatively oversee marketing, distribution and acquisitions.

“Fenkel has been a great collaborator and friend,” Adam Yauch, founder and head of Oscilloscope and member of the Beastie Boys, said in a statement. “We will all miss him in his previous role, but I’m glad he will remain a part of O-Scope and I know we’re both looking forward to seeing Dan and Laub kick some ass, nice-young-Jewish-boy style.”

Berger has been Fenkel’s lieutenant in distribution, marketing and operations for over four years. Both he and Laub previously worked with Fenkel at ThinkFilm, where they first collaborated with Yauch on distributing his film “Awesome I Fuckin’ Shot That!” in 2006. Laub has been handling acquisitions and distribution for O-Scope for the past three years.

Oscilloscope will next release “Shut Up and Play the Hits,” “Samsara,” and Todd Louiso’s “Hello I Must Be Going.”