Newly minted Energy Independent has come onboard to produce Somali piracy actioner “High Value Target” with Spenser Cohen directing from a script he is co-writing with Zach Luna.

Brooklyn Weaver is producing, with Anna Halberg co-producing. Project will be shopped to financers in coming months.

Inspired by real events, project centers on a multinational hit squad consisting of five elite special ops soldiers who take out a ship of 200 Somali soldier-pirates and capture a high-value target with vital information.

Cohen developed the project. He’s attached to direct “The Driver” with Luna scripting.

Energy Independent was launched in February by Energy Entertainment owner Brooklyn Weaver with private equity sources that fund development, package and produce projects budgeted at $15 million and under. First project is “Picture Book,” a supernatural thriller written by Ben Magid (“Thirteen”), with Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Mace (“Red Balloon”) attached to direct.