PARIS — Polish director Lech Majewski’s “Field of Dogs” and Irish helmer Brendan Muldowney’s sophomore pic “Love Eternal” are among the 12 Euro pics set to unspool at Les Arcs European Film Festival’s Work-in-Progress session.

“Love Eternal” is a Euros2.2 million ($2.8 million) drama based on Japanese author Kei Oishi’s “Loving the Dead.”

A character study of a death-fixated young man who struggles to find meaning to his life, pic is produced by Ireland’s Fastnet Films, and co-produced by Luxembourg’s Red Lion, Netherlands’ Rinkel Film and Japan’s T.O. Ent.

Muldowney’s debut “Savage” was critically acclaimed.

Budgeted at $2 million, “Field of Dogs” is Majewski’s follow up to “The Mill and the Cross,” which played at Toronto, along with other international festivals, and sold worldwide.

“Dogs” turns on a young man who abandons his job as a literature professor to work at a supermarket checkout.

Angelus Silesius, one of Poland’s leading shingles, is producing with Sweden’s Bokomotiv.

Other notable work-in-progress titles include “A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness,” a documentary hybrid penned and directed by Ben Russell and Ben Rivers, and produced by Paris-based Rouge International; and “Long Bright Days,” a drama helmed by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross, which turns on two Georgian teenage girls faced with early marriage and men’s dominance in the 1990s. “Days,” a German-Georgian-French co-pro, has been pre-bought by ZDF and Arte, and received coin from the Georgian Film Center and Gaul’s Fonds Sud Cinema.

Headed by Vanja Kaludjercic, Les Arcs’ Work-in-Progress session will run Dec. 15-18, along with a workshop on VOD, a case-study on the production and distribution of Michael Roskham’s “Bullhead,” and a masterclass by Cristian Mungiu.