Doc en Stock, the Paris-based company founded by Daniel Leconte (“Carlos”), is producing “I Love Democracy,” a collection of six one-hour documentaries shot in the U.S., Russia, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey and Morocco.

The first part of each episode follows a filmmaker on a road trip across the country, speaking with locals and visiting places, to offer a snapshot of the social, economic and political situation. Docu’s second portion features Leconte’s interviews with key political figures.

“People tend to criticize democracy, especially when things go wrong, but when we look at the past 30 years and see what’s happening today globally, most recently in the Arab world, we see that democracy is the only regime that actually thrives,” Leconte said. “With this documentary we’re trying to understand why and how democracies work in different parts of the world.”

Franco-German net Arte commissioned “I Love Democracy.” The episodes on Russia, helmed by Herade Feist and Mathieu Pansard, and Tunisia, from Fabrice Gardel and Franck Guerin, are complete.

Doc en Stock international sales topper Betty Nocella is looking for pre-sales on the upcoming two episodes on the U.S. and Turkey.

The company is in negotiations to pre-sell a second season to Arte.

Meanwhile, Doc en Stock has signed a flurry of deals on various investigative documentaries. Antoine Vitkine’s one-hour “Cyber War Begins” was acquired by Spain’s Catalunya, Canada’s Radio Canada, Austrian pubcaster ORF and Belgium’s VRT.

Michael Prazan’s three-part docuseries, “A History of Terrorism,” was bought by Morocco’s Medi1 TV, Sweden’s VRT and Portugal’s SicTV. “DNA: Decrypting The Human Journey,” an hourlong helmed by Guerin and Emmanuel Leconte, has been nabbed by Gaul’s TV5.

At Mipdoc, Doc en Stock is pre-selling “An Amazing Discovery: The Laboratories of Professor Montagnier,” an hourlong science docu that will be directed by Christian Manil and Jeanne Mascolo.

Docu will examine Montagnier’s research on diseases including AIDS and autism and will follow him from Boston to Japan and Shanghai, among other places, as he meets other scientists.