Not afraid of a crowded Christmastime marketplace, Disney has bumped up its 3D treatment of “Monsters, Inc.” to Dec. 19 from an originally slated Jan. 18, 2013, release date.

The Mouse aims to provide family counterprogramming during the retread’s new midweek berth as four other pics bow at around the same time. Christmas Day has four more pics slatted to launch, including Fox’s live-action family comedy “Parental Guidance.”

Moving “Monsters” is a savvy decision for Disney, even with the crowded holiday market, since the film will be able to capitalize on the season’s increased theater traffic through New Year’s Eve. The Mouse released its 3D version of “Beauty and the Beast” in January; the domestic take was $47 million — a respectable, though not glowing, figure.

Disney bows prequel “Monsters University” on June 21. The studio’s “The Little Mermaid” 3D retread debuts Sept. 13, 2013.