Director’s got a different ‘Evil’ vision

5th installment brings back dead character

The stars of “Resident Evil: Retribution” traded their tight leather and guns for formal wear at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live preem on Sept. 12.

At the Ritz-Carlton afterparty, star Milla Jovovich said how happy she was that co-star Shawn Roberts made a return to the Screen Gems franchise. “Who wouldn’t want an archnemesis who looks this good?”

Producer Jeremy Bolt said each of the five films in the franchise offers something different. “We basically promise the audience that it won’t be like the last one, and I think they respect that.”

In between congratulatory pats, director Paul W.S. Anderson said he holds off on a “Resident Evil” movie until he’s passionate about it. For “Retribution,” it was a certain vision that inspired him.

“I saw Michelle Rodriguez coming back from the dead, and I saw Mila playing a suburban housewife,” he said. “I love Michelle, and I’ve always regretted killing her in the first movie, and I finally found a way to bring her back. And just Mila playing a regular woman who has a child and a husband … no one’s ever seen that in a ‘Resident Evil’ before.”