Dippold: Femme buddy-cop comedy draws ‘Heat’

10 Screenwriters to Watch 2012: Katie Dippold

The Heat” could net Dippold an awful lot of heat indeed when her spec, purchased by Peter Chernin for $600,000, hits multiplexes next spring.

A college internship with Conan O’Brien (“like going to comedy school”) was followed by classes at Upright Citizens Brigade, increasingly the path of choice for those hoping to establish comic bona fides.

Temping supported her creativity. At one four-year gig, “they never asked me to do anything. I’d move one text box for a PowerPoint presentation and that would be my ‘thing’ for the day. So I’d have all the time in the world to write sketches and scripts.”

Her output caught the attention first of “MadTV” and then “Parks and Recreation,” where she picked up the tools needed for long form and worked nights on her breakthrough spec.

“I always loved buddy cop movies, and I wanted to see two females doing that and being badass in a comedy.” Under Paul Feig’s helming, Sandra Bullock plays an arrogant FBI agent “who thinks she’s Clarice Starling, and Melissa McCarthy is a rogue street cop from Boston.”

Dippold cites classic montages in which the heroes’ scooters tote a different babe in every scene. “Stories about females are always about trying to get closer to what the guys are doing. I just wanted to write something where the girls are just kickass and funny, and it’s not about the guys.”

However the pic hits, she hopes to keep one foot in television. “I miss the camaraderie of the writers’ room. I’m so used to being there every day, everyone making fun of each other.”

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