3D animated adventure-comedy “Dino Time” has been set for a fourth quarter U.S. release.

“Dino Time” centers on three kids who accidentally travel in a time machine back thousands of years to the dinosaur days.

The script, originally titled “Dino Mom,” was written by Adam Beechen, Jae Woo Park and Zack Rosenblatt & James Greco.

It was co-directed by John Kafka (“Danger Rangers”) and Yoon S. Choi (animation director on “Son of the Mask”) with voice cast including Melanie Griffith, Jane Lynch, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin and Rob Schneider.

The U.S. distributor will be announced at Cannes next month, where the film will be screened by Myriad, which is handling foreign sales. Myriad screened some 3D footage at the American Film Market and at Berlin.

The film was produced by Joon B. Heo, Jae Y. Moh, Jae Woo Park, Robert Abramoff and David K. Lovegren. Toiion Inc. is producing in association with Motif RMC. CJ Entertainment is a strategic partner and an investor in the film along with Leading Investment.