Cutting Edge Group, which has pioneered investing in the music rights to films including “The King’s Speech,” has come up with a new wrinkle — offering those rights to indie producers looking to assemble music for their films.

The London-based company’s making the music available via its Cutting Edge Film Scores website, offering tracks such as “Keep on Walking” from “The First Grader”; the Oscar-nominated score for “The King’s Speech”; and the Cliff Martinez score from “Drive,” used by BlackBerry in a recent spot for its Bold model.

The 4-year-old company has invested in 175 films, with the money devoted to scoring, clearances and music supervision. It then recoups from such sources as soundtrack and sheet music sales, licensing and royalties from international ticket sales and TV deals.

In 2008, Cutting Edge received an initial investment of $15 million from investor Aberdeen Asset Management; it set up its first multipicture deal with Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment in 2009. Recent deals include agreements with Groundswell Prods. and Emmett Furla Films.

“Cutting Edge Film Scores website is an easily searchable, readily accessible tool for filmmakers, television producers, editors, music supervisors, commercial directors, trailer houses and advertising agencies looking for high-quality music that is easy to license at a good value,” CEO Philip Moross told Variety. “We have some of the best scores in the world written by premier composers for award-winning feature films and a hundred percent clearable through us.”