Tokyo — CAA and Universal Studios vet Sandy Climan has been appointed CEO of All Nippon Entertainment Works, a new venture from investment fund Innovation Network Corp. of Japan to adapt and develop Japanese content for the world market.

Former Nikkatsu international exec Kenny Kurokawa has been named COO of ANEW, launched this month.

With offices in Tokyo and L.A., the company plans to link with Hollywood studios and global partners to co-produce English-language pics and other content from Japanese properties.

ANEW was unveiled in August, with INCJ committing $80 million to its subsid. The list of 14 corporate partners include film and TV producer Nikkatsu, Japan’s five commercial networks, distribs Asmik Ace Entertainment and Toho-Towa, toon makers Production I.G. and Ishimori Prods., ad shops Dentsu and Yomiko, toy makers Tomy and Sega Toys and the Mitsubishi trading house.

Climan said, “Japan has long been a cultural epicenter of the world’s most creative storytelling. ANEW will partner with world-class filmmakers to bring these stories to a worldwide audience.”

After serving as Universal’s head of worldwide business development from 1995 to 1999, Climan launched Entertainment Media Ventures. He headed start-up 3ality Digital from 2007.