Hyde Park Intl. has hired Eric Christenson as president, overseeing the international division of Ashok Amritraj’s Los Angeles-based operation.

Christenson was previously president of GK Films and Hollywood Studios Intl. He has licensed films that have drawn more than 50 Academy Award nominations, including “The Hurt Locker” and “The Departed.”

“Hyde Park has a tradition as one of the top-level, global independent film companies with significant financial resources,” he said. “I am looking forward to aggressively building our future slate of projects.”

Current VP John Short, along with Hyde Park’s creative team of Marc Fiorentino, Mike Dougherty, CFO Bob Lewis and director of business affairs Allen Babakhanloo, will work with Christenson on the company’s sales slate.

Hyde Park’s lineup at Cannes this year included “Midnight Sun,” “Adult World,” Sunlight Jr.” and the untitled Elmore Leonard project starring Jennifer Aniston and Dennis Quaid.