“I’ve never been in a room with so many well-dressed people,” presenter Ellie Kemper said Tuesday at the Beverly Hilton. Indeed, they were. Jane Lynch emceed the Costume Designers Guild Awards, where kudos were given to “W.E.’s” Arianne Phillips, “Harry Potter’s” Jany Temime and “Dragon Tattoo’s” Trish Summerville, among others. An honorary award went to the team of Deborah Hopper and Clint Eastwood, who said, “We know motion pictures and TV are an ensemble. People talk about directors and auteurs. I never believed in that kind of thing. It’s a platoon.”

Kate Beckinsale also received an honorary trophy, which she said belonged to all the costume designers who have dressed her. But, she quickly added, “I’m taking this award home because I feel I deserve something for your wrecking my stomach with all the corsets you’ve made me wear over the years.”