Helmer Nicholas Jarecki appeared just as excited about his feature filming bow as the audience at Gotham’s Walter Reade Theater waiting for Lionsgate’s “Arbitrage” to unspool.

“I just have to take a picture so I remember that this actually happened,” Jarecki said in his introduction after clicking a snapshot of the crowd Wednesday.

While the film is meant to be entertainment, it does bring up the economic troubles of the times, Jarecki said at the Monkey Bar afterparty.

“It’s in the country’s blood right now,” Jarecki said. “It’s not just about (jailed financier Bernie) Madoff. I mean he was certainly the tip of the iceberg when we began to look at this stuff.”

Meanwhile, in a much less serious corner of the party, star Richard Gere joked with Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair editor-in-chief and owner of the Monkey Bar, about his cameo in the film. “So, I carried him most of the way obviously,” Carter said.

“No, Graydon was seriously drunk and on drugs at the time, other than that there was nothing else to go on,” Gere joked.