Canana Films to produce Mariana Chenillo film

Mexican helmer will shoot 'Paraiso' early next year


Mexico City and L.A.-based Canana will produce “Paraiso,” the second film by Mariana Chenillo whose debut “5 Days Without Nora” marked her as one of most interesting commercial helmers working in Mexico today.

Pablo Cruz will produce for Canana, the Mexico City and L.A. production-distribution house he heads with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, which the trio has built up into one of Latin America’s most important production forces.

From a screenplay by Chenillo, romantic comedy “Paraiso” turns on an engaged couple, Carmen and Alfredo, childhood sweethearts who have shared a cozy life living in Mexico City’s middle-class Satelite district.

When Alfredo is promoted, they are forced to move into Mexico City and adapt to a new way of life that will change their lives.

“It’s about how to fit in in a place that’s very different from the one you grew up in, and overcoming the fear of change,” Chenillo said.

“Paraiso” marks Canana and Chenillo’s third collaboration. She helmed a segment of omnibus feature “Revolucion,” then most of two seasons of Canana TV series “Soy tu fan.” “Canana is about building, working with people, finding common ideas and goals, and then seeing opportunities through,” Cruz said.

Canana is currently developing its fourth movie with Gerardo Naranjo, “A Man Must Die,” to be produced with Focus Features.