VANCOUVER — The Canadian Film Center today bowed the Telefilm Canada Comedy Exchange program in collaboration with the Just for Laughs Group.

An initiative of the CFC’s North South Marketplace, it aims to boost the profile of Canuck filmmakers and projects in Hollywood and internationally.

It replaces the 3-year-old Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab, and will pick up the 15 projects the Lab is handling, with an emphasized focus on packaging and promotion as well as an eye on the international market, according to Sheila De La Varende, Telefilm Canada’s director of industry promotion.

The new initiative will give three producer-writer teams access to creative and business support from key comedy and business decision makers.

“We want to deepen the relationships and continue to leverage the interest in our talent and projects that have been developed south of the border by creating even closer ties between industry professionals in Canada and their counterparts in the U.S.,” said CFC CEO Slawko Klymkiw.

The Comedy Exchange will work with Telefilm’s existing funding programs and will increase development and packaging resources for producers whose comedy projects are already receiving financial support from Telefilm’s development fund.

The deadline for applications is Aug. 27.