Camera operators for “War Horse” and “The Descendants” are among the finalists for the Society of Camera Operators’ top awards for the year. The winners will be honored on Feb. 19 at the Leonard Goldenson Theater at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The contenders for feature film are Will Arnot for “The Help,” Stephen Campanelli for “J. Edgar,” Mitch Dubin for “War Horse,” Peter Rosenfeld for “Cowboys & Aliens” and P. Scott Sakamoto for “The Descendants.”

The finalists for TV are Grayson Austin for “Memphis Beat,” Gregory P. Collier for “Bones,” Simon Jayes for “True Blood,” Andrew Mitchell for “Glee” and Chris Tufty for “The Closer.”

Added to the handful of previously announced honorary recipients, Clint Eastwood will receive the Governors Award for his artistic contributions. The SOC President’s Award will go to Phil Radin, veep of marketing for Panavision, and the Historical Shot Award will go to George Richmond for the siege of Bexhill scene in Alfonso Cuaron’s “Children of Men.”