Camera Operators honor ‘Glee,’ ‘J. Edgar’

Clint Eastwood wings board of governors award

Camera operators for “J. Edgar” and the skein “Glee” claimed the Society of Camera Operators’ top competitive awards. Along with previously announced lifetime achievement honorees, the recipients were recognized on Sunday at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theater at the Academy.

Stephen Campanelli won the feature film award for his work on the Clint Eastwood-helmed biopic, and Andrew Mitchell won in the TV category for the Fox series. Campanelli was previously nommed for “Hereafter” and “The Changeling.”

Eastwood received the SOC Board of Governors Award. Eastwood and Campanelli have been collaborators for 18 years, starting with “The Bridges of Madison County.”

Pics nominated for the feature category also included “The Help,” “War Horse,” “Cowboys & Aliens” and “The Descendants.” The other nommed series were “Memphis Beat,” “Bones,” “True Blood” and “The Closer.”

Paul Babin was honored with the SOC Award for Lifetime Achievement in Camera Operating. The org’s first College Camera Operator of the Year award acknowledging student productions went to Petr Cikhart of the AFI for his work on “The Skull Cap.”

The kudos ceremony raised funds for the Vision Center of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.