LONDON — In the run-up to TV mart Mipcom, international distrib Cableready has closed sales totalling 315 hours of programming.

HBO Central Europe has licensed 26 episodes of “Inside the Actors Studio,” the interview series hosted by James Lipton, while SoHo Channel in New Zealand licensed five episodes of the show.

NBCUniversal Latin America licensed 10 additional episodes of entertainment news magazine series “Hollywood Dailies,” and Turner Latin America licensed 50 episodes of movie countdown series “Hollywood’s Top Ten.”

MSM in Singapore renewed 52 episodes of “Hollywood One on One,” which gives viewers an up-close look at films and actors.

Multicanal in Spain has licensed six episodes of “Big Five Challenge,” the African safari contestant show.

AETN in the U.K. has renewed season 12 of crime series “Medical Detectives,” while Russia’s Studio U7 licensed 19 episodes of the skein.

Foxtel in Australia renewed seasons one through five, as well as seasons 11 and 13 of “Forensic Files,” a series that takes viewers through every step of a forensic investigations.

Intra Communications in Russia licensed 13 episodes of “The Minimalist,” a cooking series featuring New York Times food writer Mark Bittman.

AETN’s Bio in the U.S. has licensed a further four episodes of “Women on Death Row,” a docu series that offers a glimpse into the lives of female murderers.

Discovery Communication’s Destination America in the U.S. has licensed 11 titles from LMNO Prods., including “Secrets of Muscle Cars,” “Secrets of High End Hawaii,” “World’s Best Orlando,” “American Icons: Hoover Dam,” “Secrets of Pearl Harbor” and “Las Vegas: Beyond the Strip.”

Hulu took U.S. digital rights for 13 titles from Alliant Content, including “Accident Investigator,” “Billion Dollar Disasters,” “Black Widow Women,” “Fire and Ice” and “Women Addicted to Sex.”