Canada-based Bron Studios is launching an animated unit to develop and produce original properties for TV and film.

Studio said Bron Animation projects will emphasize absurd comedy with an edgy tone that parents will also enjoy.

First project going into production is “Mighty Mighty Monsters,” based on the book series written and created by Sean Patrick O’Reilly.

“Mighty Mighty Monsters” revolves around a group of movie monster kids — Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolfman — who are expelled from monster school and sent to a human immersion program at a “normal” human middle school.

The property is being produced in HD in the form of 44-minute specials entitled “Halloween Havoc” and “New Fears Eve.”

Creative directors for Bron Animation are Gil Rimmer, who was most recently with Electronic Arts, and Ben Burden Smith, who joined the company from Goldtooth Creative.

“Mighty Mighty Monsters” will use motion capture. It was developed by Rimmer and Burden Smith with a teleplay written by Scott Olezskowicz.

Shaftesbury Sales Co. and its Los Angeles-based subsidiary, Shaftesbury U.S., will lead the worldwide sales. Michael Taylor is serving as a co-executive producer.