Now that the Britannia Awards are being televised, even if it’s on cable, the presenters and honorees have toned down the risque remarks. At Wednesday’s BAFTA/LA kudofest emceed by Alan Cumming at the BevHilton a couple of f-bombs were thrown otherwise the material veered toward PG-rated.

Daniel Day-Lewis emulated Clint Eastwood and spoke to an empty chair thanking President Obama for coming to the event the day after his reelection.

Accepting his trophy from Steven Spielberg, Day-Lewis said, “I planned to scarper out of town while end credits rolled (at the following day’s premiere for “Lincoln”) in case I ruined the most beloved American president of the 19th century.”

Trey Parker spoke for himself and partner Matt Stone when they received their Britannia. “The award means a whole lot more being given by the Brits than say the French,” Parker said. He had the auds in stitches as he described the first and second letters of their award from the org, which they ignored until the final notice said, “Your excellence in comedy awards expires at 3:30 Thursday.”

Harrison Ford presented to Daniel Craig remarking that Sean Connery — the first James Bond — played his father in the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” sequel while Craig, the current 007 was his co-star in “Cowboys & Aliens.” Quentin Tarantino received his award from Roger Corman and Olivia Mun did the honors for “Sims” creator Will Wright.