At Monday’s preem at Gotham’s Ziegfeld of Universal’s “The Bourne Legacy,” scribe-helmer Tony Gilroy enthused, “Writing chase scenes is fun, because you get to play with toy cars on a table with a bunch of grown men sitting around playing with toys and figuring out how to blow things up.”

“They’re both very difficult to do because everyone’s seen lots of them,” said producer Patrick Crowley, who’s worked on all “Bourne” films. “And so, if you pull off a chase scene that no one’s ever seen before and the audience applauds at the end of it, you go, ‘Ah ha.’ After 30, 40 years of making movies, if you can still do that, you’re doing something right.”

They must have indeed done something right, since the preem aud clapped for a couple of scenes. Guests were later shuttled to the afterparty at the Four Seasons, where it was a spy affair as gawkers huddled around to get a look at James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

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At the party, Oscar Isaac, who plays one of the pic’s super-soldiers, made a startling confession, especially for a thesp who’s done so much action-pic duty. “I actually didn’t get to graduate high school because I failed PE,” Isaac said. “I had to go to summer school. It just wasn’t my thing.”