Bonding over bard

Fiennes' directorial debut 'Coriolanus' opens in New York

Susan Sarandon had plenty of compliments for friend Ralph Fiennes, who brought Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” to New York City Tuesday night.

“I’m just here to hold his hand,” Sarandon said of Fiennes, making his movie directorial debut.

Fiennes was joined on the red carpet by co-stars Vanessa Redgrave and Jessica Chastain, who had a little moment of her own at the Forty Four afterparty.

“I had no idea Susan Sarandon was going to be here! I’ve never met her! I can hardly speak right now, I’m stuttering!” gushed Chastain, who went on to divulge her plans for the post-awards season. “I’m going to Hawaii. And I’m not going to bring my telephone. Because I haven’t taken a vacation.”

Meanwhile, Fiennes revealed what it was like to direct Redgrave, who plays his mom in the pic. “Vanessa has a very strong reaction to a part. And I felt it wise to listen and embrace what she was suggesting,” he said.

Also on hand for Fiennes’ debut were Liam Neeson, Laura Linney and Harvey Weinstein, who introduced the Weinstein Co. film with a few jokes inspired by the Golden Globes.

“I got referred to as a couple of names. When Meryl Streep said ‘God,’ three of my kids emailed me at the same time … and then I did an interview with a dog two hours later,” said Weinstein, referring to “The Artist’s” Uggie. “Fame is fleeting in Hollywood.”