Blighty but sunny

L.A. Brits celebrate their queen's diamond jubilee, BAFTA/LA's 25th anni

The Brits in Los Angeles celebrated their queen’s diamond jubilee and BAFTA/LA’s 25th anniversary at a private residence in Holmby Hills on Sunday. There were even booths where they could learn to make mojitos and dress-up hats.

Barbara Hay, the British consul general in L.A., led a cheer for Queen Elizabeth and a “God Save the Queen” sing-along.

“As we celebrate BAFTA’s silver anniversary, look at the innovation and look at all the things that you do,” she said. “The queen celebrated on the Thames in not quite as good weather.”

“The queen broke a record and we broke a record. She had more ships and we had more people,” BAFTA/LA topper and Variety president Neil Stiles said before admitting, “Well, she had more people, too.”

“Downton Abbey’s” Michelle Dockery, who is in L.A. for a few days, said, “I’m sorry to be missing the celebrations in London, but glad to be here.”