Bigger road ahead for ‘Made in NY’ ads

Tiered approach boosts visibility of productions

Gotham’s “Made in NY” marketing credit has expanded its free co-branded advertising to include additional bus shelters as well as subway advertising and Taxi TV spots for productions that do most of their shooting in the five boroughs.

The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment also said the city will cover the creative marketing work for all productions with below-the-line budgets of up to $10 million.

Marketing credits have been in place since 2005 and the expansion comes to encourage production after New York City’s 5% tax credit expired last December. The state still has a 30% tax credit in place.

Projects costing between $5 million and $10 million will get 40 bus shelters and 500 subway boards for four weeks and 13,000 taxicab spots for two weeks and donate 0.1% of production costs to a New York charity of their choice.

An under-$5 million production would get 20 bus shelters, 250 subway boards and 13,000 taxis.

Over $10 million, producers cover the cost of creative and the charitable contribution is a flat $10,000.

Participating projects also donate a percentage of production costs to local arts and cultural organizations. Donations have gone to Art Education for the Blind, Ballet Hispanico, Harlem School for the Arts, Hospital Audiences, Women Make Movies, and others.