There was no shortage of beefcake on hand for the world premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper pic “Magic Mike,” which closed out the Los Angeles Film Festival on Sunday night. “The film is being presented tonight in a new format called Guy-Max,” the helmer joked as he introduced the WB movie.

With the pic based on Channing Tatum’s real experiences as a stripper when he was 19, the star turned to a trusted collaborator to tell the personal tale — his friend and producing partner Reid Carolin, who met Tatum on the set of “Stop-Loss” and earns his first produced writing credit on “Magic Mike.”

Carolin said at the Club Nokia after party that he had fun doing research for the film. “Chan took me to a couple of clubs and it was a blast. It’s so much different than a female strip club. There’s theatrics, personality, ego, just great characters.”

While Tatum entrusted some of the extravagant set pieces to the choreographers, his co-stars still looked to him for approval. “They looked at me as sort of a technical adviser and would ask, ‘was it good?'” Tatum also sought approval, getting a thumbs-up from his mother after the screening. “I’m sure it was cringe-worthy and really weird. My mom and dad were like, ‘that wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle,’ and I was like ‘what, are you serious?’ Maybe I should’ve went farther.”

Most importantly, did the cast get to keep their wardrobe? “All of it’s mine now,” said Tatum, while co-star Alex Pettyfer joked, “I stole mine!”