SAN SEBASTIAN — BD Cine and Rizoma, two driving forces behind new Argentine cinema, are teaming for the first time to produce “Open Air,” helmed by Anahi Berneri (“Encarnacion,” “It’s Your Fault”).

Written by Berneri and Javier Van de Courten, “Air” turns on a couple whose shared dreams are fading. They plan on rebuilding their relationship by renovating an out-of-town house. Yet, without realizing it, they begin to live separate lives.

Skedded to shoot in Argentina’s spring next year, “Air” is “a romantic film about the end of youth, one which will encourage audiences to identify with its strong characters,” Berneri told sales agents and producers at San Sebastian Fest’s 1st Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum Thursday.

Berneri and Van de Courten have completed a second draft screenplay, she added.

Each putting up 50% of finance, Rizoma and BD Cine will cover 70% of “Air’s” about Euros850,000 ($1.1 million) budget via Argentine subsidies and Latin America distribution deals, said Dubcovsky, who founded BD Cine with Daniel Burman.

Rizoma holds down a Warner Bros. distribution deal for Latin America, and BD Cine has one via Disney, plus a Latin American pay TV pact with Lap TV.

The two partners are in San Sebastian to tap a European co-producer to cover 20%-30% of the budget, plus a sales agent.

“We’re very good friends and wanted to work together,” Rizoma founder Hernan Musaluppi told Variety.

He added: “Also, together, we have good commercial deals, which will allow us to distribute the film better.”

Musaluppi produced milestones such as Martin Rejtman’s 1999 “Silvia Prieto” and Pablo Trapero’s “Mundo Grua,” through to Rodrigo Moreno’s “El Custodio” and Gustavo Tarreto’s Berlin 2011 hit “Medianeras.”

Founded in 1995, BD Cine has produced all Daniel Burman’s films, including Berlin double Silver Bear winner “Lost Embrace,” plus Berneri’s three features to date.