The nascent Arcana/Benderspink comics partnership has brought on Atlas Entertainment to produce a pair of projects — “Kill on Sight” and “Langley High.”

Arcana/Benderspink launched the partnership early this year with the aim of developing comic book properties into features and TV. It signed a deal this summer with Scott Stuber for “The Order.”

“Kill on Sight,” to be written by Greg Russo (“Heatseekers”), centers on a group of professional thieves stealing $30 million from a black-ops CIA program — which responds by sending a team to New York City to kill the thieves and retrieve the money.

“Langley High,” to written by Christopher Cosmos (“The Fall”), centers on a pair of students from Langley High, the school that’s located just 1.7 miles from CIA headquarters. When one of their fathers is abducted, they go on the run together with the help of one of their teachers to save him and end up uncovering a conspiracy.

Among other projects in development at Arcana/Benderspink, the scripting team of Douglas Cook and David Weisberg (“The Rock”) have come on to write “Dime Detectives.” Pic tells the story of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler teaming up to work as detectives and roughly basing their fictional characters Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe on their own real life exploits. Cook & Weisberg have also been atached on “The Numbered.”

Benderspink and Dan Farah have teamed on “2076” with James Simpson (“Armored”) attached to write the story of America being taken over in 2076 with revolutionaries fighting a second war for American independence.

Roddenbury Films head Trevor Roth (“Days Missing”) will be adapting “Foretold,” in which a young man is brought to the future to fight the most powerful being who has taken over the world 30 years later – himself. Adam Torchia (“The Knights Templar”) will be adapting his original script “ATF,” which Benderspink will produce with Strike Entertainment.

F. Scott Frazier (“Line of Sight”) is writing “Echoes,” based on his original idea, with Benderspink producing with Chris Fenton of H2F.

“Below” is being adapted by newcomer Mac Marshall with story set in a world in which police aren’t able to catch a new group of ruthless criminals who commit crimes against the defenseless. The leaders of the underworld band together to use methods the police can’t in order to bring them to justice.

Surface” and “Untouchable” are being adapted by newcomer Cameron McCumby. “Surface” is set in Chicago, where terrorist attacks are extraterrestrial in nature; “Untouchable” takes place in 2012 with Al Capone’s great nephew a cop trying to make right some of the wrong done by his family in the past.

Sean O’Reilly of Arcana is adapting “Supersonic” and “War of the Gods,” set at the dawn of humanity when gods from Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Nordic, Hindu, Chinese and Aztec lore battle for control of the world.