The producers of Amit Gupta’s debut film “Resistance” have greenlit the director’s second feature, “Jadoo,” which will start shooting in March.

“Jadoo” is a curry-house comedy inspired by Gupta’s own upbringing above his family’s restaurant in Leicester, England.

It’s the story of two brothers, both great chefs, who fall out so badly that they rip the family recipe book in half, one taking the starters and the other the main courses, and set up rival restaurants across the road from each other.

Twenty years later, it takes a daughter to reunite them when she’s determined to persuade them to cook her wedding banquet together.

AIR Prods., the new company set up by “Resistance” producers Amanda Faber, Isabelle Georgeaux and Richard Holmes, has raised the $3 million budget from private investors, following the funding model they pioneered with “Resistance.”

They are co-producing “Jadoo” with Nikki Parrott of Tigerlily Films, who optioned Gupta’s radio play and developed it with support from EM Media, the former regional screen agency for the East Midlands where the story is set.

Casting is underway.

“Jadoo” is a departure in tone and style from “Resistance,” a sober period drama set in an isolated Welsh valley in 1944, after a hypothetical German invasion of the U.K.

“Resistance,” starring Andrea Riseborough and Michael Sheen, was released in the U.K. in November by Metrodome, grossing a modest $104,000 but earning warm reviews. It will be launched to foreign buyers at Berlin by Paris-based sales outfit Rezo.