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AFI Festival opens with ‘Hitchcock’

A virtual Ang Lee talks 'Pi'

Being on the board of the American Film Institute certainly has its perks.

“It is wonderful to sit on a board where my understanding is I’m going to meet celebrities and watch movies all day,” said Audi president Scott Keogh, who also sits on the fest’s board of trustees. “So I greatly appreciate what you’ve done for me.”

Keogh was one of four speakers to give nearly 20 minutes of remarks before Fox Searchlight’s “Hitchcock,” the opening night film of this year’s AFI Festival. Attendees filled the Chinese on Thursday before wandering over to the Roosevelt. Pic’s stars Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren were in London filming “Red 2,” but James D’Arcy, who plays Tony Perkins, made the afterparty.

At Friday’s AFI preem of Fox 2000’s “Life of Pi,” a virtual, 3D Ang Lee apologized that he couldn’t be there in person at the Chinese. “I’m traveling around the world to promote this film,” he said, adding, “I’m very happy because I finished this film after four years.”

He ended on an upbeat note: “I got a movie, I got a kid, I got a boat and I got 3D.”

While few of the “Pi” thesps appeared at the Roosevelt afterparty, the fest got a dose of celebs Saturday night when Kristen Stewart showed up for the unspooling of IFC’s “On the Road,” along with co-stars Garrett Hedlund and Amy Adams.

Director Walter Salles introduced the trio and practically the entire below-the-line team at the Chinese.

Across the street — and past the pack of most-dedicated Stewart fans still waiting to catch a glimpse — Hedlund partied at the Roosevelt with a group of VIP guests (sans Stewart, however).

Hedlund spoke about the film’s close-knit cast. “Me and Kristen signed on during the same year, and each location we went to we would encounter someone new,” he said of the other thesps. “It was always about welcoming new members to the family.”