Acceptable on the marquee

'Being Flynn' by any other name may not have flown

When it comes to film titles, there’s no getting away with BS. Just ask writer-director Paul Weitz, whose adaptation of Nick Flynn’s memoir “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City” morphed into the MPAA-friendly “Being Flynn.”

“I was not at all surprised that the MPAA was having none of (the original title), but I was mildly surprised that one cannot use asterisks to replace words,” Weitz said at “Being Flynn’s” Gotham premiere Thursday at the Tribeca Grand Hotel screening room. “You can’t even imply cursing if you want to have your title on a marquee or in an ad. Still, I was quite freaked out about changing the title because I thought it might indicate that I was watering the adaptation down somehow.”

Title notwithstanding, the Focus Features pic about a young man who reunites with his estranged father at a homeless shelter lost none of the autobiographical book’s grit and received a ringing endorsement from Flynn.

In fact, the author had only one issue with the film: the new title. “The fact that my name is in it is a horror,” he quipped at the after-party at Chinatown hotspot Pulqueria.