Thursday night’s amfAR gala at the Hotel du Cap generated $11 million via an auction — with an impressive assortment of entreaties.

“You can decorate your yacht, your castle, your palace …” auctioneer Simon de Pury pointed out in pushing Terry O’Neill’s collection of 18 prints of star photos.

“You will get laid,” Michelle Rodriguez promised from the stage, just before the collection sold for 180,000 euros.

Chris Tucker auctioned off 11 bottles of 1911 Moet Hennessey, noting, “We need some old money to buy this old wine. I got drunk on this last night.”

Karl Lagerfeld and Harvey Weinstein sold the same item twice for a total of 850,000 euros — the chance to star in a short film directed by Lagerfeld and produced by Weinstein, one of the event’s co-chairs and longtime supporters.

“We come when you call,” Heidi Klum told Weinstein at the top of event. He evoked big laughs by responding, “If only that were true.”