A pair of British film buffs are taking fandemonium to new heights on Saturday by mounting a daylong festival dedicated to the indie stylings of Parker Posey.

Sam Cuthbert, co-director of the “fest” with Oliver Hancock, said it all started with their mutual love of 1995’s “Party Girl.”

“We were chatting about how much we loved that film and what a shame it is that we’d only ever seen it in less-than-legal ways,” Cuthbert said, bragging that he still has his “third-generation VHS bootleg and Oliver has a home-burn DVD bought from eBay.”

One thing led to another, and after they managed to secure a 35mm print of the pic from Millennium Entertainment, “Party Girl” helmer Daisy von Scherler Mayer and writer-producer Harry Birckmayer had suddenly committed to flying over (at their own expense) to take part in the retrospective. From there, it wasn’t hard for Cuthbert and Hancock to assemble a bouquet of four other Posey pics: “The Daytrippers,” “The House of Yes,” “Scream 3” and “Best in Show.” The Posey screenings at London’s Hackney Picturehouse and Rio Cinema are part of the U.K.’s national Scala Beyond screening series in August and September dedicated to all manner of film esoterica.

Cuthbert freely admits that the event is being “bankrolled on overdrafts and credit cards” but assures the screenings have generated a great response (even if the star in question is unlikely to be there). Friends have suggested that thesps such as James Spader, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Dern may be worthy candidates for future tributes.

But Cuthbert still thinks there’s potential for a Parker Posey Fest 2013.

“She’s got a pretty endless back catalog, especially if you start diving into her TV stuff,” he noted.