As co-writer, director and star of Magnolia’s “2 Days in New York,” Julie Delpy says the triple duty is more difficult than it looks.

“It’s hard to direct myself,” Delpy said at the pic’s Aug. 8 Sunshine Cinema preem in Gotham. “Sometimes on movies you have a high-maintenance actress, a crazy director and a pain-in-the-ass writer — well, I’m all three! So I just have to manage my own self.”

Chris Rock called Delpy a great director. “She’s worked with great directors,” he added. “I couldn’t argue with any of her calls.” Rock plays Delpy’s lover in the romantic comedy, and has directed himself onscreen as well.

“She’s a better director than me,” he said. “I hope there’s a sequel. She’s done two movies with Ethan Hawke, so maybe I can get another.”

Rock was temporarily overwhelmed by towering Tyra Banks, who came over for a hug. “Tyra, you glamored me, like in ‘True Blood,’ ” he told a clueless Banks: She doesn’t watch “True Blood.” Rock explained the term, saying, “It’s when you look in a person’s eyes and make them do whatever you want.”

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What Rock wants from “2 Days” is simple: “You gotta show people you can act if you want to stay in the business. There comes a point in every actor’s career where you actually have to act.”

Didn’t he prove that last year with “The Motherfucker With the Hat”?

“Broadway helped,” he replied. “And this takes it another step, but I don’t think Leo’s got to worry.”

Among the crowd who celebrated at DL’s rooftop afterward: Marisa Tomei, Bobby Cannavale, Nina Arianda and Magnolia Pictures’ Eamonn Bowles.