The ABCs of Death

An appallingly bad concoction of disgusting shorts that run through the alphabet but really should've stopped at "A."

“The ABCs of Death” is an appallingly bad concoction of disgusting shorts that run through the alphabet but really should’ve stopped at “A.” A bloated omnibus pic from horror helmers Srdjan Spasojevic, Ti West, Jorge Michel Grau, Ben Wheatley and two dozen others, it features 26 variously morbid extrapolations on a given letter — “A” for “Apocalypse” and “B” for “Bigfoot,” etc. — but lacks even one with any imagination. Magnet Releasing’s repugnant yukfest will go the way of the distrib’s similar “V/H/S,” i.e., to VOD, where it’ll be DOA.

Why none of the many directors delivers a punchline to his or her five-minute joke of a splatter film is a question more compelling than whatever oozes at the edges of “The ABCs of Death.” The titles of West’s “Miscarriage,” Noburo Iguchi’s “Fart,” Kaare Andrews’ “Vagitus,” and Bruno Forzani and Helene Cattet’s “Orgasm” say it all; Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s “Quack” proves clever enough to be about filmmakers shooting a lewd short for an omnibus pic. Tech credits are disturbingly pro and vary little among the different episodes.

The ABCs of Death

  • Production: A Magnet release and presentation, in association with Drafthouse Films, Timpson Films. Produced by Ant Timpson, Tim League. Executive producer, Tom Quinn. Reviewed at Toronto Film Festival (Midnight Madness), Sept. 12, 2012. (Also in Hawaii Film Festival.) Running time: 130 MIN.
  • Crew: <b>Apocalypse</b><br>Directed by Nacho Vigalondo.<br><br><b>Bigfoot</b><br>Directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano.<br><br><b>Cycle</b><br>Directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza.<br><br><b>Dogfight </b><br>Directed by Marcel Sarmiento.<br><br><b>Exterminate </b><br>Directed by Angela Bettis. <br><br><b>Fart </b><br>Directed by Noburo Iguchi. <br><br><b>Gravity </b><br>Directed by Andrew Traucki. <br><br><b>Hydro-Electric Diffusion </b><br>Directed by Thomas Cappelen Malling. <br><br><b>Ingrown </b><br>Directed by Jorge Michel Grau. <br><br><b>Jidai-Geki </b><br>Directed by Yudai Yamaguchi. <br><br><b>Klutz </b><br>Directed by Anders Morgenthaler. <br><br><b>Libido </b><br>Directed by Timo Tjahjanto. <br><br><b>Miscarriage </b><br>Directed by Ti West. <br><br><b>Nuptials </b><br>Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun. <br><br><b>Orgasm </b><br>Directed by Bruno Forzani, Helene Cattet. <br><br><b>Pressure </b><br>Directed by Simon Rumley. <br><br><b>Quack </b><br>Directed by Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett. <br><br><b>Removed </b><br>Directed by Srdjan Spasojevic. <br><br><b>Speed </b><br>Directed by Jake West. <br><br><b>Toilet </b><br>Directed by Lee Hardcastle. <br><br><b>Unearthed </b><br>Directed by Ben Wheatley. <br><br><b>Vagitus </b><br>Directed by Kaare Andrews. <br><br><b>WTF! </b><br>Directed by Jon Schnepp. <br><br><b>XXL </b><br>Directed by Xavier Gens. <br><br><b>Youngbuck </b><br>Directed by Jason Eisener. <br><br><b>Zetsumetsu</b><br>Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura.