TORONTO — “I’m not exactly the guy you’re expecting here,” said Barry Levinson to an enthusiastic crowd at the Sept. 12 Midnight Madness screening for found-footage horror vehicle “The Bay” — as in Chesapeake Bay.

“There are no zombies … and 80% of things in the film are real,” said Levinson, whose Maryland-based films include “Diner” and “Avalon.”

At a dinner earlier at Blowfish, Levinson noted that he’d been inspired by a scare scene in “The Bad and the Beautiful.” “I thought, ‘That is so cool.’ ”

Earlier in the evening, Danish thesp Mads Mikkelsen compared the warm weather in Toronto to his Denmark shoot, which required lots of inclement weather, at the TIFF gala screening of historical “A Royal Affair.”

“There was so much sun in summer in Denmark that we had to bring in artificial rain,” Mikkelsen said. “So I was wet a lot.”

Worldview Entertainment’s Christopher Woodrow hosted a Sept. 11 bash, where he talked about the vagaries of film festivals, adding, “It’s what people expect, so you really can’t go wrong with a party.”