Summit sells ‘Creatures,’ ‘Tomb’ worldwide

News of Garrett's exit fails to hold back sales

While news may have broken during Berlin that industry stalwart David Garrett was resigning from Summit Intl., that didn’t put the brakes on its sales activity at the European Film Market, where it virtually sold out on “Beautiful Creatures” and “The Tomb.”

Both pics — the former a teenage gothic romance and the latter a Sylvester Stallone-Arnold Schwarzenegger prison drama — cleaned up in the foreign market thanks to appealing content and star power.

“Beautiful Creatures,” based on the bestseller by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, went gangbusters, selling to Australia and New Zealand (Roadshow), France (SND/M6 Group), Italy (Eagle Pictures), Latin America (Sun Distribution) and Spain (Aurum).

The Richard Lagravenese-helmed teen witch pic, which toplines Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, Jack O’Connell and Alice Englert, sold early on in the market to Germany’s Tele Muenchen for a reported $8 million while Entertainment Film Distributors snapped up U.K. rights. (The price paid for Blighty is unknown but the pic’s asking price sat at $5 million for the country.)

Additional sales on the estimated $50 million Alcon-produced pic include Baltic states (ACME UAB), Russia and the CIS (West Video), Croatia and Slovenia (Blitz Film), Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania (Media Pro), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Iceland (Sam Film), India (Tanweer), Indonesia (P.T. Camila), Israel (United King), Malaysia (Golden Screen), Middle East (Jaguar Films), Philippines (Pioneer Films), Poland (Monolith) and Portugal (Zon Lusomundo).

And it sold to Scandinavia (Nordisk Group), Turkey (Fida Film), Thailand (Mongkol), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), Taiwan (Long Shong), South Korea (Daisy Entertainment), South Africa (Nu Metro) and Serbia (Mirius Tuck).

Foreign buyers also went to town on Stallone and Schwarzenegger drama “The Tomb,” which is backed by Summit and Emmett/Furla Films.

Helmer Mikael Hafstrom’s pic, which was partly funnelled through Summit’s various output deals across the globe, will go to eOne in Blighty and Australia, Tele Muenchen in Germany, SND/M6 Group in Gaul and Aurum in Spain.

“Tomb” also sold to the Baltic states (ACME UAB), Benelux (Dutch Filmworks), Russia and the CIS (CP Intl.), Croatia and Slovenia (Blitz Film), Czech Republic and Slovakia (Media Pro), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Iceland (Sam Film), India (PVR Pictures), Indonesia (P.T. Camila), Israel (United King) and Japan (Gaga).

Other deals were locked for Latin America (IDC), Malaysia (Golden Screen), Middle East (Jaguar Films), Philippines (Pioneer Films), Poland (Monolith), Portugal (Zon Lusomundo), Scandinavia (Nordisk), Serbia (Mirius Tuck), South Africa (Nu Metro), South Korea (Pancinema), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), Taiwan (Long Shong), Thailand (Mongkol), Turkey (Fida Film) and Vietnam (MegaStar Media).

Garrett, who co-founded Summit with Patrick Wachsberger and Bob Hayward in 1993 as a production, distribution and sales operation, decided to step down this week, a month after it merged with Lionsgate.