Jenny Natelson

The last of this year’s Four Corners European scriptwriting workshops unspools at Sitges, where it’s an industry highlight.

More than 30 international students will fine-tune sales pitches for their completed scripts at Sitges before presenting them to producers at the Thessalonica Festival in Greece, Oct. 8-11.

Four Corners runs four weekend workshops a year with funding from the EU-backed Media Program and student fees, topped up by participating film schools: Spain’s Escac, the London School of Film, Media and Performance, and Bulgaria’s Natl. Academy of Theater and Film Arts.

The program emphasizes economically viable guerrilla productions, and alternative funding.

Tutelage includes lectures and workshops by producer Sandy Lieberson (“Performance”), writer-producer David Hanson (“Grange Hill”) and helmer Rodrigo Cortes (“Buried”).

Film London founder Lieberson calls crowd-funding “an incredibly effective tool for beginning filmmakers to enter the industry.

“The students show real potential, it’s exciting to watch them progress and hopefully succeed,” he says.

Aintza Serra, Four Corners director, stresses the importance “not just of creating final projects, but also helping students break into the industry with a real market experience.”

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