Condiotti recalls “eight long months working with a dedicated team here” on making presentations and responding to due-diligence inquiries that culminated in the sale of his employer Lucasfilm to Walt Disney Co. That $4.05 billion transaction in October is memorable to the outside world but for Condiotti it was part of a day’s — or many days’ — work. In earlier, notable transactions for Lucasfilm, Condiotti negotiated an extension of 20th Century Fox’s video and theatrical rights to “Star Wars” films, and a 15-year cross-currency swap with Wells Fargo bank to hedge against fluctuations in the Singapore dollar. Lucasfilm has a big presence in the Asian nation, where it owns and operates a studio that houses the Singapore divisions of Industrial Light & Magic, LucasArts and Lucasfilm Animation — and produces digital content and vfx for films and games. “It was a complex transaction because most currency swaps are relatively short-term,” says Condiotti, who worked at Warner Bros. and Lorimar-Telepictures before joining Lucasfilm in 1989.

Outside the Office: Collects cookbooks; owns 2,600 volumes

Top Cause: Habitat for Humanity