Sony Pictures Classics has acquired all North American rights to Dror Moreh’s documentary “The Gatekeepers.”

The film, a co-production between DMP Les Films du Poisson and Cinephil, is produced by Moreh, Estelle Fialon and Philippa Kowarsky. “The Gatekeepers” premiered earlier this month at the Jerusalem International Film Festival.

Documentary contains interviews with six former heads of Israel’s domestic secret service agency, the Shin Bet — Ami Ayalon, Avi Dichter, Yuval Diskin, Carmi Gillon, Yaakov Peri and Avraham Shalom.

The Shin Bet chiefs, who have worked closely with every Israeli prime minister, discuss the agency’s successes and failures in connection with Isarel’s efforts to achieve a lasting domestic peace in the aftermath of the Six Day War in 1967.

“I was startled but thrilled when six former heads of the Shin Bet (The Gatekeepers) agreed to discuss their careers openly on camera for the very first time,” Moreh said. “This gave me a unique and intimate opportunity to enter the inner sanctum of Israel’s security decision-makers for almost half a century. Numerous times during the making of this film, I found myself overwhelmed by their stories and testimonies.”

Moreh also directed the 2008 docu “Sharon” about Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The deal was negotiated with Sony Pictures Classics by Philippa Kowarsky, on behalf of Cinephil Sales.