Spanish filmmaker David Victori’s short, “The Guilt,” has nabbed the grand prize of Your Film Festival, a newly launched online competition whose jury includes Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender.

Dedicated to finding top-notch storytellers, Your Film Festival was put together by YouTube and sponsor Emirates Airline, in partnership with the Venice Film Festival and Scott Free Prods.

“The Guilt,” about a man obsessed with revenge after the murder of his wife, was selected from the 10 films that received the highest number of votes on YouTube.

Victori received his nod on Sunday during a special screening of the 10 final shorts. He won a $500,000 grant to create original content for YouTube, with Scott and Fassbender exec producing.

“(The finalists) all showed such creativity and a strong understanding of the filmmaking process,” said Fassbender, who gave out the prize. “David is clearly a talented director and I can’t wait to work with him and Ridley on his new YouTube project.”

“There’s no better way for a director to advance in his career than to be given the opportunity to produce one of his dream projects with Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender,” Victori said.

Scott Free narrowed the search to 50 shorts from 15,000 submissions, and the YouTube community chose the finalists, who were flown to Venice via Emirates Airline to participate in events and workshops.

YouTube previously collaborated with Scott Free on the Sundance-preeming documentary “Life in a Day,” a compilation of video clips captured from around the world on a single day.