Rodrigo Cortes’ paranormal thriller “Red Lights,” which has been shopped by Lisa Wilson via her previous outfit Parlay Films, has virtually sold out around the world.

Pic, which screened in Sundance this year and toplines Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver, has sold to Alliance Films for Canada and Blighty (the latter through its U.K. arm Momentum Pictures), Germany (Wild Bunch), France (Metropolitan), Spain (Warner Bros.), Italy (RAI), Latin America (Swen) and Benelux (Dutch Film Works).

Additional sales have been locked in Russia, the CIS/Baltic States (MGN), Eastern Europe (SPI), Greece and Cyprus (Village Roadshow), Hong Kong (Golden Harvest), Iceland (Myndform), India and Pakistan (Tanweer), Indonesia (PT Amero), international airlines (excluding U.K.) (CineSky), Israel (Forum Film), Malaysia (Golden Screen), Middle East (Eagle), Pan Asia Satellite (HBO Asia), Philippines (Pioneer), Portugal (PRIS Audiovisuais), Scandinavia (Nordisk) and Singapore (Shaw).

And pic also sold to South Korea (Daisy), Switzerland (Ascot), Taiwan (Long Shong) and Turkey (Pinema).

A Japanese distrib, which cannot yet be disclosed, has been secured while negotiations with an Australian distrib are under way.

Cortes and his longtime producer Adrian Guerra produce the pic, which also stars Cillian Murphy and Elizabeth Olsen.